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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns


Dental health has very significant effects on our overall health and well-being; and our feelings about our physical appearance also play an important role in the quality level of our lives.

People can be quite shy when they feel unattractive due to crooked teeth and their unaligned, repelling look and their minds can be quite busy with their appearance.  They could feel the urge to cover their mouths while talking or laughing, refrain from smiling or laughing or try to hide their facial contours.

Today, dentists can equip you with the perfect smile, in line with the international aesthetic principles.   It is now very much easier to have that perfect smile thanks to the methods we employ and he experience we gained in the field of cosmetic dentistry for many years.

Teeth to be attached into your mouth are made of porcelain, the most advanced material of dentistry.  With a structure most similar to the dental enamel and bringing significant advantages in aesthetic terms, this material is also quite strong. Therefore, teeth produced by the book would most probably serve you for minimum 15-20 years when used appropriately.


  1. How long would it take me to have my new porcelain teeth?
    You can have your new teeth in your mouth in three sessions extended to 5-7 days -in approximately one week.
  2. Can I have my new teeth in the form and color I want?
    Yes, absolutely. However, the most frequently repeated mistake is to get the wrong impression that a set of teeth you have seen in someone else’s mouth would also suit you just as well. Teeth looking gorgeous in the mouth of a celebrity might appear totally different on your face, although copied millimetrically, due to your own features such as the shape of your face, color of your skin, eyes, hair, your facial contours and your age. Ideally, you should have an aesthetic view in parallel to your dentist’s and benefit from his/her experiences.
  3. Some people develop purple gums and a black line right at tooth-gum border, which I do not want..
    This is a complication occurring in time and due to wrong brushing method in metal supported porcelain crowns. This type of complication is not seen in clinical interventions, especially in works on frontal region, since full porcelain (usually EMax, Hi-Ceram) without metal support is applied.
  4. Will I suffer any pain during this process?
    Approximately 1-1.5 mm of material is required to be removed from the tooth surface to allow space for the crown. This process would require anesthesia implementation in some patients due to their sensitivity. You would not feel any pain or ache after anesthesia.
  5. Would I feel comfortable right away?
    Having a quite high value due to their natural and aesthetic appearance, adaptation period for this type of porcelain crown applications take very short time as compared to that of removable prosthetics and limited only to a few days, or occasionally a few weeks. At the end of this period, patients would not even realize the presence of such a prosthesis in their mouths.
  6. Would have too much pain after my porcelain teeth are attached?
    Patients’ sensitivity towards highly cold or hot food and beverages observed during the initial one to two weeks is mostly due to the recontouring process the teeth has undergone during crown or bridge application. However, adhesives developed in recent years has brought this issue to a minimum level. Still, if you ever feel uncomfortable, you should avoid consuming too cold or too hot food or beverages after the adhesion of your porcelain crowns (within the first couple of weeks).
  7. Would my way of talking change?
    For bridges applied on the front teeth for aesthetic purposes, you may encounter with some level of difficulty in speaking and pronunciation of certain words. Reading out loud and repeating the words and syllables you have difficulty with would suffice to tackle this problem within the shortest possible time.
  8. Will I be comfortable while eating? 
    If you experience no oversensitivity after your teeth are attached, you may eat whatever you wish. Some patients do not use the side on which the bridge or crown is applied. You should not make such a mistake. Every prosthesis tailored for you is produced to allow you to chew better and crush food between your teeth better. Therefore, please do not ever avoid or neglect chewing with your prosthetics side.


No matter how problem free your porcelain teeth could be, please do not avoid to get a check-up, offered free of charge at our clinic, for at least twice a year (once in every six months).

09 February 2015
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