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What Does The Dentist Do For Smile Design?

What Does The Dentist Do For Smile Design?

There is a significant increase in the number of patients applying to dentists to rearrange their smile designs. Some patients have quite high expectations regarding this issue and patients need to be informed on what criteria their dentists should observe to meet those expectations.

It should be kept in mind that smile design would yield excellent results when handled as a whole. Teeth should definitely be reorganized before performing any plastic surgery procedure (restoration, botox, etc.). Teeth design is considered as the first stage or smile design and patients are recommended to have soft tissue interventions such as restoration or botox only after teeth design is completed.

Doubtlessly, a teeth structure in conformance with the facial composition of a celebrity would not yield the same satisfying results in another individual. The most important factor in such a smile design from the initial point is achieved through aesthetic planning. The prospected appearance of the teeth to be achieved by an appropriate aesthetic planning should be demonstrated to the patient without any intervention on the teeth and the procedure should be started if the patient is satisfied. Otherwise, the ultimate result could be a complete failure for both the patient and the dentist.

In a successful aesthetic planning, tooth ratio, visibility, height and symmetry of teeth are very important factors for the patient. Although dentists consider many more criteria during a successful aesthetic planning, 90% of patients eventually get stuck with these aforementioned 4 criteria.

Although the geometrical rules of this aesthetic understanding are set in aesthetic dentistry, the emotional dimension of the individual, in other words, unique aesthetic perception brings along infinite possibilities. Proper height, distinctive dominant feature of the two front teeth, visible and distinguishable brightness, color in harmony with the face, the touching point of teeth to lips from the profile, appearance at rest state are very significant items.

Aesthetics is not limited to the fabrication of teeth in dentistry. Trials and even bonding of the teeth thereafter can require quite prolonged sessions.  Unfortunately, majority of patients focus only to their own desires and miss the professional perspective. Only your dentist, equipped with the adequate experience on this field can provide you this professional perspective.

As a patient, the point you should always keep in mind before starting the treatment is the necessity for you to ensure that your dentist has a parallel understanding with you and you both share similar tastes and preferences. It would be much wiser not to start the treatment at all if you could not totally trust your dentist and if anything is in place not really reflecting your personal tastes, including the interior design of and the music played in the clinic.

09 February 2015
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